Find the ideal glass solution for your project

Glass doors and walls

Create a sense of space, bring in extra light and are a true eye-catcher in your interior.

Shower doors and walls

Bring extra light into your bathroom and stylishly close every shower —for an optimal sense of space.

Glass steps

A glass staircase gives an exclusive character and is a real eye-catcher.

Coloured glass

Transparant coloured glass gives a modern and lively touch to every interior.


To check your look before leaving the house, for decoration or to create a sense of space and light in your interior.

Balustrades, banisters, platforms

A stylish interior choice that creates space in your home or office, in conjunction with maximum unobstructed viewing.

Floor glazing

A glass floor creates space, lots of light, style and atmosphere in your house or office.

Display cabinets

To display beautiful objects and give your interior a personal touch.

Cupboard doors and sliding door sets

Give your (smaller) inner spaces a trendy and minimalistic look and maximise the daylight entering your interior.

Balustrades and windscreens

A trendy glass solution that maximises your outside view and fits with every style.

Glass sliding walls and covered terraces

Let the outside in and protect yourself stylishly from rain, wind, dust and insects.

Desktops and office modules

A stylish, chic and minimalistic touch in every company or office.

Safety glass

Sliding windows, glass doors or walking glass all have to consist of layered and/or hardened safety glass.

Acoustic glass

Sound comfort is very important in our busy world. That's why protection against noise from the inside is a must.

Anti-reflective glass

Diminishes the mirror effect and creates a clear view from both the inside and the outside.

Automatic revolving and sliding doors

Automatic doors elevates the comfort in every company building and offer a practical solution for disabled persons.

Special of specific tailor-made solutions.

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